ETH单双博彩( man kills teenage daughter

ETH单双【shuang】博《bo》彩采『cai』用以【yi】太坊(fang)区“qu”块〖kuai〗链高《gao》度【du】哈《ha》希〖xi〗值‘zhi’作《zuo》为【wei】统(tong)计『ji』数(shu)据,ETH单双博彩‘cai’数『shu』据『ju』开『kai』源〖yuan〗、公“gong”平『ping』、无『wu』任「ren」何 he[作〖zuo〗弊《bi》可能〖neng〗性「xing」。

,ISNA news agency estimates there are between 375 and 450 cases of honour killings a year in Iran. – AFP pic, July 1, 2022.

A TEENAGE girl in Iran was killed by her father who blasted her with a shotgun in the heart, local media said today.

The death, an apparent so-called “honour killing” in the ultra-conservative country, came after the father confronted his 16-year-old daughter after she met a young man in the southern city of Nurabad, women’s activists said.

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